Flagship Opportunity Zone Guiding Principles

The Flagship Opportunity Zone, in keeping with Erie's lead in advancing the Federal Opportunity Zone investment program, is presenting a set of Guiding Principles for prospective investments. 

 Flagship's crafting of the Guiding Principles is consistent with the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership and Erie's commitment to community and business development that simultaneously advance economic, environment, and social equity values for Erie's best today and tomorrow.  In doing so, Erie joins the ranks of leading cities that are working to raise the bar for sustainable development in working cooperatively with investors and the development community to advance the triple bottom line. 

Prospective Opportunity Zone projects, be they businesses or real-estate, are invited to voluntarily assess their proposed investments in step with the Operating Principles.  The intent is to shine a light in best practices and demonstrate intent for highest and best development whose impacts create abundance in all respects. 

Flagship Opportunity Zone Guiding Principles.