ECGRA's Ignite Erie™ program improves Erie's economic outlook through impact investments in three key areas:

  • Inner-city small business development
  • Industry & University collaborations for business acceleration
  • Business financing

Renaissance Block Program

Part of the Neighborhood Impact Investing strategy through ECGRA, The Renaissance Block program was created in 2018 and designed to reinvigorate neighborhoods and main corridors, boost buy-local efforts and combat blight in Erie County.

The Renaissance Block Program is a matching program that helps finance eligible exterior repairs, permanent improvements, and streetscapes.  Funds can also be used to improve publicly owned property that is targeted to improve the block's visual appearance.

The program in its first year awarded nearly $500,000 to eleven neighborhood groups in Erie County.

Anchor Building Program

The Anchor Building Grant Program, created in 2018, is an adaptive re-use funding program is designed to strengthen a community, neighborhood, or commercial district by redeveloping, enhancing, and preserving an underutilized or vacant building that has the potential to serve as a catalyst for greater investment and commercial or social activity.

ECGRA funding serves as a vital part of the financing structure to bridge the gap, boost the real estate market, assist in developing equity, and enhance the quality of place.

The program in its first year awarded nearly $500,000 for five catalytic projects in Erie County.

Continuum of Local Capital Investments by ECGRA


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